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MX UTV is the new AiM dash logger specifically designed for the UTV racers, in order to offer our best technology to those racers whom crave all the data to have an competitive edge.

MX UTV acquires and shows the following important information:

  • Data coming from your Polaris RS1's ECU - Speed, RPM, Gear, ECT, TPS, Brake SW, Fuel rate
  • Transmission belt temperature, by using the infrared sensor included in the kit
  • GPS Data: speed, position, time of the day and, with a precision of 1/100 sec, the lap times, thanks to the powerful built-in GPS Module.

Thanks to the integrated GPS Module, MX UTV automatically recognizes the track you are racing on and calculates lap times and your position on the track with high precision.
Besides, thanks to the auto-learning mode, MX UTV will anytime be able to add new tracks into its internal tracks database.
All the acquired data, from the ECU, from the Belt Temp Sensor and from the GPS are stored into a huge 4 GB internal memory, that can log your data for several thousands of hours.

Download all your data just wirelessly, for an even more practical usage between your track-day sessions or during your race weekends. You won’t worry anymore about cables that you may have forgotten at home: using a secure 802.11 Wi-Fi connection, all your data will be stored straight on your PC, ready to be deeply analyzed via our free software Race Studio 3.