SHIFT Performance Labs Honda Talon Ceramic Wheel Bearing Set

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SHIFT Performance Labs Ceramic Wheel Bearings for your Honda Talon will give you that competitive advantage you are looking for. With 40% less friction and 60% less rotating mass compared a traditional steel ball wheel bearing. Using a Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball which are rounder, lighter, harder, and smoother than steel balls. This reduces friction as well as energy loss, allowing your equipment to run more efficiently (and for longer) with ceramic ball bearings. They also last 3-5 times longer than steel balls. The steel races and cages will wear out before the ceramic ball does. So we will have a Rebuilding Service available to replace everything except the ceramic balls at a considerable savings so that you get the full use of the more expensive ceramic balls. We have seen them last 1-2 full seasons before needing rebuilt. Fits Honda Talon 2019+

  • Complete Set of 4 Wheel Bearings
  • 40% Less Friction & 60% Less Rotating Mass
  • Last 3 to 5 times Longer than traditional steel bearings
  • Substantially Lower Rolling Resistance means Quicker and Faster out on the race track where it really counts
  • Less Vibration and Cooler Running Conditions
  • Ceramic Bearings have Greater Corrosion Resistance
  • Rebuildable to get your R.O.I. back

I was talking to one of the testers of these Ceramic Wheel Bearings and his direct quote was " Don't let the competition know about these". Sorry, we couldn't keep something this good from our customers.

Replace Honda OEM Part # 91054-HL3-A41

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