Evolution Powersports X3 Shift-Tek-P Insandity Clicker Ultimate Clutch Kit 2022+

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Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce our latest “evolution” in clutching for the 2022 Can-Am X3 with the pDrive clutch. The “InSANDity 2.0” cam arms have the same ramp profile that made the original InSANDity so much fun, but we’ve added an exterior mechanism that allows quick and easy calibration changes. This is accomplished with a 10-position adjustable cam gear that raises or lowers the operating RPM of the clutch + or – 250 RPMs in 50 rpm increments. Precise clutching adjustments are easily made to hone in on the sweet spot for virtually any power package.

To adjust the cams, simply loosen the pivot socket head cap screw and rotate the cam gear. Higher cam gear numbers raise the operating rpm. The arms are further adjustable by adding or subtracting mass under the socket head cap screw or by adding or removing set screw masses near the tip. EVP has spent countless hours refining the calibrations so that when the InSANDity 2.0 cam arms are installed in the clutch, almost all adjustments can be made with the easily adjustable cam gear. Additionally, the cam arms have been designed to work with EVP Launch Control

With our new High-Engagement Red Primary Spring, a 3600 RPM engagement is possible depending upon the specific setup. Even without Launch Control, your X3 will accelerate off the line better due to the higher engagement and ramp geometry. The InSANDity 2.0 kit comes with enough tuning components for a stock-tuned X3 all the way to our new EVP P46-360 big turbo kit with 360 engine horsepower.

Due to our ramp geometry and mass placement, the engagement RPM is as follows:

Stock Weights/Spring 1800 RPM
Stock Weights + EVP Red Spring 2300 RPM
EVP InSANDity Clicker Weights + Stock Spring 2800 RPM
EVP InSANDity Clicker Weights + EVP Red Spring 3600 RPM

Like all EVP Shift-Tek cam arms, the InSANDity 2.0 are precision CNC cut from carbon steel, then heat-treated and zinc coated for long life. The EVP cam gear side plates are CNC cut from 6061 billet aluminum, then black anodized for long life and a killer appearance. All the adjustment bolts, sleeves, and set screws are stainless steel so your components will look great and stand up to the abuse our customers put their cars through.