SHIFT Performance Labs Can Am X3 Rear Mount Relocation Radiator Kit

SHIFT Performance Labs / Mishimoto
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SHIFT Performance Labs teamed up with Mishimoto, the world leader in performance cooling products, to design high-performing solutions for the Can-Am X3. Using their extensive engineering ability/knowledge and our first-hand experience with the X3 specifically, we have created the SHIFT Performance Labs/Mishimoto X3 Rear Mount Radiator Kit. Relocates radiator to rear for better airflow and protection from trail debris. Cooling stack canted forward to ensure optimal rearward visibility without compromising airflow across the radiator. Unlike most X3 Radiator Relocation on the market, this is a complete direct-fit hose kit and aluminum hard lines provide an OEM-level solution compared to universal straight hose that you must cut and route on your own. Special care taken to mount/isolate all hoses/hard lines to provide maximum protection/durability/reliability (almost like an OEM style of routing). Complete kit includes all necessary components, including a direct-fit wiring harness. Hose kit features bypass piping for use with or without factory thermostat.

The SHIFT Performance Labs Radiator is a 48mm-thick core improves heat rejection by 92% over stock, leading to faster thermal transfer to the outside air, quicker temperature recovery rates, and lower peak coolant temps. Includes an aluminum expansion tank that improves durability compared to the stock plastic tank, which can crack and fail. The tank is also baffled to reduce coolant sloshing and the introduction of air to the cooling system in rough terrain. Radiator features 1/8” thick end tanks and vibration-isolating bushings to improve durability and a long service life. Application-specific fan shroud places two 12” electric fans at a strategic distance from the core to optimize air mass moving across the fins when fans are on. The two fans pull 2300CFM combined while drawing less wattage than other three-fan setups. Uses 1/8” thick mild steel mounting brackets with stainless steel hardware.

Fits 2017 - 2024 Can Am X3's including XMR's. Fits with or without bed installed.

Pairs well with Mishimoto Liquid Chill Synthetic Engine Coolant. Approximately four
gallons of 50/50 will be needed to fill your Maverick with our cooling system installed.

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