Can Am X3 & Maverick R Billet Seat Rail Adapters for Side Mount Race Seats

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These Billet Seat Rails are designed for use with aftermarket seats front seats in the Can AM X3's and Maverick R. We have found that installing aftermarket seats in the X3’s can be tricky and using the stock slides are not secure or safe. These are designed and machined rails and mounting blocks that will bolt directly into the X3's/ Maverick R's and offer a variety of adjustability. These rails will fit most aftermarket seats, but minimal modification to some aftermarket seat bases may be required to easily mount them to these rails.

The Can-Am X3/ Maverick R Billet Seat Rails are designed to sit in either the upper or lower position. Note: For more adjust-ability an additional 11/32 (.343”) diameter. Hole can be drilled in between the upper and lower mounting hole on the front mounting tab on your X3/ Maverick R. In the upper position the “R” Right & “L” Left will be facing up and in their appropriate location. When running the rails in the lower position the “R” & “L” will now be facing down and will be on the opposing side. Note: Running the rails in the lower holes may require trimming the top of the tab to clear the seat.

These rails are sold per set (One set will hold one seat)

Note: Can-Am X3 Seat Rails do NOT work with stock X3 front seat or in the back seats of the 4 door models!