ARD Driver Cooling System w/ URS Ice Water Shirt

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ARD's Driver Cooling System is the best way to beat the heat during races. It's important to keep your body temp down so you can keep your concentration up while driving.

The ARD DCS is lightweight, compact, and easy to refill trackside. It can be mounted in a number of places in your UTV, Car, or Cart using the hose clamps provided.

You simply fill it up with as much ice as possible, fill the rest with water and wire it to a 12v switchable power supply.

It pumps ice-cold water through the URS Ice Water Shirt under your driving suit to keep 40% of your body cool while waiting in the staging area, starting line, and throughout the race. Up to two hours of ice-cold water keep you cool.

We have two different size canisters, 1 gallon and 0.5 gallon. We recommend the 1-gallon size for full-size UTVs and the 0.5 Gallon for smaller or youth UTVs, mostly due to space constraints. This setup can be wired into the vehicle's 12V system or run off of a separate 12V battery.

Kit includes:

  • Ice Water Canister w/ pump and quick connect water lines
  • Bleeder Line
  • Quick Release Mounting System
  • Wiring Harness
  • URS Ice Water Shirt (S-3XL)