SHIFT Performance Labs Can Am X3 Race Intercooler

SHIFT Performance Labs / Mishimoto
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SHIFT Performance Labs teamed up with Mishimoto, the world leader in performance cooling products, to design high-performing solutions for the Can-Am X3. Using their extensive engineering ability/knowledge and our first-hand experience with the X3 specifically, we have created the SPL/Mishimoto X3 Race Intercooler. Using the Bar-and-Plate Intercooler design, the SPL Intercooler is better at heat transfer, has 37.7% better flow, allows for higher pressure tolerance, lowers the chances of heat soak, and is stronger and more reliable in dealing with higher boost than stock or Tube and Fin designed aftermarket intercoolers. On our dyno test, we performed 6 back-to-back heat soak runs and had 2-3 hp gains across most of the range and 5 degrees cooler than the stock intercooler on a stock X3RR. Fits 2020+ Can-Am X3 models.


  • Machined billet ribbed inlet and outlet for a strong reliable connection. Machined connections are always round, whereas plastic injection-molded tanks can have out-of-round outlets, leading to leaks and hoses blowing off under boost.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics-designed cast end tanks ensure minimal restriction and even distribution of charge air across the whole core.
  • Fits with a stock fan and fan shroud with light trimming.
  • Intercooler mounts are cast into the tanks for maximum strength.
  • Includes foam strips to seal to the fan shroud. The better a shroud is sealed to a core, the more effective the fan is at drawing air through the core instead of around it.
  • 37.7% better flow. Similar pressure drop to stock with better cooling performance.
  • 45% larger core than stock.
  • 5% more frontal area than stock.
  • Fits with a stock upper intercooler shroud.
  • Cast aluminum end tanks require welding only at the edge of the core. Strong and reliable for high boost. Other competitors use multiple pieces of sheet aluminum welded together. This adds more seams where leaks can develop over time. Cast tanks also are smoother overall on the inside than sheet metal tanks because they don’t have hard, angular joints where the pieces are welded together.
  • Lower-than-stock charge temps (3-4 degrees above ambient during dyno pulls).

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