Brisk Spark Plug Set of 2 Plugs - Honda Talon 2019+

Brisk USA Enterprises LLC
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Brisk Premium Racing Plugs are the best solution for the Honda Talon high performance and racing engines. Brisk Premium Racing Plugs uses a Silver Centered Electrode with it's Multi-Spark design which provides many unique and beneficial characteristics. Brisk is taking sparkplug technology to a whole new level with it's Multi-Spark designed plug. Here are the many reasons why our Brisk Premium Racing Spark Plugs are beneficial for your Honda Talon's engines performance. 

  • Multi-Spark Plug Increases Engine Power – 3 X’s The Spark
  • The Multi-Spark is a patented Auxiliary Electrodes Technology - 3 Simultaneous Sparks per 1 Ignition Impulse
  • Sparks in Full 360 degree at point of richest mixture
  • Silver is the best Electric and Heat Conductor - the best material for performance and racing spark plugs
  • Spark Plug Patented Auxiliary Electrode Design, No Gapping or Indexing
  • Multi-Spark Plugs Provide More Horse Power, Torque, Faster Acceleration & Response
  • Multi-Spark Plugs Provide Maximum Spark Exposure, Better Use Of Available Energy

We offer them in two different Heat Ranges- stock heat range or one step cooler for those who need it cooler due to tuning/race fuel they are using.

Don't use this plug if you have a turbo on your Honda Talon, please call for information on which plug to use for the turbo.